4 Ways to Unleash the Power Within You

4 Ways to Unleash the Power Within You

By Michael Duke on January 13, 2017

Think about how successful you could be if you tapped into the limitless resources that you possess to become innovative, responsive and results oriented. After twenty five years in sales and sales management I have discovered the forces that work against us originate from within. These restraining forces keep us from excellence. They leave us with excuses and weak justification for subpar performance.

There is no glory in mediocrity. A pursuit of any goal driven by indifference is not a worthwhile journey. You are a salesperson. You have chosen a path where performance is king and excellence is the only acceptable standard. You can begin to change the course of your life by giving yourself permission to be great!
The second critical step in the Unleashing Process is to remove the constraints in how you see the world around you. When you lift your head and open your eyes do you see obstacles or opportunities? This is much more than simply overcoming negative thinking. This is learning to take responsibility for the challenges you have accepted. No excuses. No blaming the factory, the competition or the product!

The third step of the Unleashing Process involves changing the way you see your job. Thinking like an employee is not the answer. An employee punches in and out. But what if you approached each day like an owner? What if you approached your role as sales rep with the passion and commitment of an owner? Like the owner you may one day hope to be? How different would it look?

The fourth and final step to the Unleashing Process is how to differentiate yourself from others. How can you separate yourself from the pack and become the preferred supplier to your customer base? How do you make the decision- makers want to buy from you? The answer is simpler than you may think.
I believe that you have only one choice as you attempt to make yourself distinct. That choice is to become the best person you can be. Investing in you brings incredible dividends, not to mention renewed energy and confidence. It also serves as a source of appropriate pride as you actually live your life based on principles that others just talk about.
Your customers have simple needs. Here are just a few of them. I promise that if you deliver on these to your customers you will have all the business you ever wanted.
1. Your customers want you to tell the truth. They want the bad news quickly. They want to know when you open your mouth they can take it to the bank.
2. Your customers want you to be kind and courteous. These virtues cost nothing but are priceless. Pay attention to people. Listen to their needs. Learn their names.
3. Your customers want you to care about their business. They want you to be a partner with them, to be a source of information, wisdom and solutions.