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While there are many recruiting companies to choose from, our approach sets us apart. We take time to meet with you and understand your leadership style and the culture of your company. We’ll invest our time early in the process to get to know you, your leadership team and the people that interface with the position. This is what it takes to accomplish quality hires and superior retention. In today’s economy, there is nothing more frustrating or costly than making a bad hire only to have that dreaded “Uh-oh” moment a week, month or 90 days later. Our candidates fit, because we recruit for a match with leadership style, organizational culture and the job. Since 2002, 83% of our recruits have passed the six month mark and 75% are still on the job.

Newschool Recruiting

Since 2002
Passed the Six Month Mark

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Since 2002
Are Still on the Job

Newschool Recruiting

Our Specialty

Unlike most recruiting agencies, we don’t specialize in a specific industry. Our focus is on you and finding the right fit for your needs. No matter the industry, no matter the job, we think what matters is company culture, job requirements, and leadership style. We’ll find a fit that works for you. Working with you to build your team in numbers or in solidarity, The Newschool Group can help your team soar.

We look forward to serving you! Give us a call and we’ll set up a meeting to sit down and explain how the NEWSCHOOL GROUP can find a perfect match… perfect price for your organization.