Consulting Services

Is your team stuck? Do they struggle with engagement and accountability? Are there gaps in important skills such as interviewing, hiring, coaching, team building, decision making, and leadership? All of our programs are designed to make an impact and provide participants with the critical knowledge they can apply immediately! Whether it be a motivational keynote, a seminar from our founder Michael Duke, or an all-day skills-based, interactive workshop, our attendees are challenged and encouraged to grow while also simply having a great time.

From a simple one-time needs analysis to long-term retained contract services, the consulting services team at the Newschool Group has a long and positive track record in coaching organizations towards constructive collaboration. Our tried-and-true methods have helped countless companies grow in effective performance and achieve their desired influence.


Professional Speaking, Motivational Presentations and Training

Our founder, Michael Duke, literally wrote the book on coaching. As a matter of fact, he wrote two books - Coach to the Goal: Ten Truths to Transform Your Team into Winners and Lead Like a Coach: Leadership lessons from Legendary Coaches. He inspires while training leaders how to "Develop a Coaching Mindset". Michael offers keynotes, half and full day workshops and multi-day staff and team building programs all designed to create and sustain high performance through people, teams, and culture!

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Team and Leadership Transformation

Whether you have five employees or 500, NSG can design an ongoing leadership training program that targets the needs of your managers. Key competencies such as how to interview and select top talent, how to train and develop employees, how to create a motivational environment, and how to build a high performing team will empower your in-house leaders to maximize your organizational effectiveness. We have 3-month, 6-month and year-long programs that will transform your culture, your performance, and your profitability.

Organizational and Team Culture Transformation

Are you concerned about your employee retention and morale? Through a combination of research instruments and focus groups NCG helps you gauge prevailing attitudes towards your compensation plans and leadership behaviors for all levels of your organization. We can also facilitate empowerment workgroups to involve employees in the organizational decision-making process. Culture surveys, executive team retreats, and staff retreats are all provided to improve and enhance the quality of your culture!

Organizational Make-over

Are you tired of the status quo and ready for a complete organizational makeover? NSG, through an extensive assessment process, will help you determine where you are now, and then walk with you as you chart a course for the future. Our journey together will include the creation of culture goals, innovative leadership development training, powerful executive and team building retreats, and motivational presentations. Newschool Group can't wait to help you create a culture that is highly engaged, accountable and high performing.

Strategic Planning and Meeting Facilitation

Have an important meeting coming up? A meeting where the stakes are high and engagement and participation are non-negotiables? NSG offers highly effective and professional meeting facilitation services to our clients. We specialize in strategic planning board retreats for all organizations and companies regardless of size and type.

Assessment Services

Want to learn how to make better hires? Assessments are the key. NSG will help you create objective assessment-based job profiles for all your critical positions. We will then teach you how to understand and interpret them so you can select only candidates who fit the manager's leadership style and can fully meet or exceed the demands of the job. Assessments can be highly effective tools to unstick your team and enhance their communication and trust levels. We offer motivational presentations, workshops, and one-on-one coaching, all designed to help you achieve excellence in your hiring practices.

Recruiting, Hiring Practices, and Assessments

NSG helps you build structure and objective standards into your selection process, greatly increasing its effectiveness. We also specialize in helping you find those people essential for your organization's long-term success. If you already have someone in mind, we can provide critical feedback on the optimal "fit" of your candidate. We are certified as Behavioral Analysts in the DISC assessment. The assessments are incredibly effective tools to reduce the number of bad hires, unwise promotions, and ineffective teams. Need a team building retreat or a two-hour lunch presentation? Let us know!

Coaching Services

Perhaps you have an emerging leader within your team that needs training and support to grow quickly and develop exceptional leadership skills. Perhaps you have a seasoned leader that is seriously struggling for the first time. Letting him or her go is not an option, at least not an option that you want to consider. We have been coaching leaders through challenge and change since 2002. We have countless testimonials of helping business owners, corporate executives, engineers, technical, and financial professionals navigate the tough challenge of leadership.

NSG's coaching programs are designed around the specific needs of the individual. The goal is always to create a learning environment that will accomplish meaningful change.

Typical areas of coaching include but are not limited to….
Leadership behavior
Communication and presentation skills
Relationship building skills
Emotional intelligence
Onboarding new leaders