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Changing the definition of recruiting by using old-school values with new-school methods.

Helping Your Business Grow

As a business owner you handle many roles and responsibilities. Possibly the most frustrating part of your job is to find the right employees you can trust and those who will help take your company where you want to go.

Finding the best hire is not an easy task, and you know how easy it is to hire the next person who comes along. Within 9 days or 90 days, you realize you have the wrong person, but you have already made the investment and you simply live with your decision until you are forced to let them go, or they finally leave on their own.

It may not be your skill-set, but you can work with our Small Business Services Group and let them do what they do best, so you can focus on what you do best. When you put The Newschool Group on your team, you are putting the future of your business in very capable hands.


Working on your side
to find the perfect fit.


No more resume hunting
or temporary agencies.

6 Month

We aim for a permanent
placement for your position.

One Simple
Flat Fee

No more contingency,
percentage-based fees.

How it Works

The Small Business Services team’s job is to assess both your organizational culture, and assess the job you want filled. This will save time and money in helping qualify potential candidates. They will create, and manage the process of posting employee/hiring notices & ads, write the ads, and screen the responses. After the screening process, they will select those candidates for consideration, and carefully interview them for you, and ultimately bring only the best candidates for you to choose from. They will work side-by-side, and recommend only those who are capable, competent, and qualified to help your company grow.

Since 2002
Passed the Six Month Mark
We Have
Years Experience
Since 2002
Are Still on the Job


Fees are broken down into three, easy payments.

If a candidate leaves prior to the six month anniversary, then we will fill that position again at no additional charge.

Whether you need a leader, a manager, or a sales professional, The Newschool Group Small Business Services Team is uniquely qualified to work with you and get the job done.

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