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Need to add staff quickly or find temporary assistance?

Whether you are growing, adjusting to seasonal changes, or addressing a spike in demand, being able to respond to changing needs is essential.

How does contracting help you?

Contracting reduces employment costs by allowing companies to only pay for the skill set they need, with very little training or ramp-up time. During a hiring freeze or a budget constraint, contracting is a cost effective way to get the job done. Plus, a client does not have the traditional overhead costs for things like healthcare that are associated with traditional employees.

Contracting offers tremendous staffing flexibility to complete projects and meet deadlines. The option for a contract-to- direct conversion also provides flexibility by allowing the client to “try” the candidate before “buying” as a direct hire. In today’s changing economy, flexibility is often the key to survival.

Contracting eliminates the risk tied to workers’ compensation, unemployment, benefits, and the normal exposure related to having traditional employees.